About Us


Wonderlite is committed to providing the highest quality lighting products for the automotive and mining industries, linked with constant research and development of our customer needs and outstanding customer service.

All Wonderlite products are designed and manufactured to meet and where appropriate exceed customer specifications. This includes ensuring that we meet and exceed SABS and other industry regulating specifications.

Wonderlite operates a quality management system to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality. Details of our quality management processes and procedures are available on request. Wonderlite will take responsibility for ensuring effective quality management on all products.


We recognise the contribution our employees make to the success of what we do. We are committed to offering our employees fair terms and conditions, ensuring they have the skills they need, and providing opportunities for training and development. Wonderlite is constantly working towards the Investors in People standard. 

As part of our broader commitment to equal opportunities, we ensure that our products are designed   and manufactured to be accessible and meet any relevant industry standards on accessibility.


Wonderlite understands the importance of sustainability - in design, delivery and in continuing operation. This is reflected in how we:

  • Source sustainable materials and look for ethical suppliers
  • Work with the local community where appropriate 
  • Design, manufacture and build energy-efficient products while minimising waste 
  • Local sourcing of supply chain with in excess of 85% local content on all products. All our finished products are locally manufactured. 

We have implemented environmental management systems . In particular, we ensure that the design of our product meets relevant environmental standards.

Integrity and honesty

Wonderlite always conduct business with integrity and honesty, and our whole business philosophy and success are based on this. 

We will always endure to give our customers the best product available at the best possible price, without ever compromising quality, while also protecting the integrity of our brand. We have very high customer satisfaction levels, and this directly relates to the high expectations we set for ourselves.